Get your free .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .xyz domain names here in Nigeria.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to launch your new website? We have the perfect plan for you. Register your domain with our unlimited webhosting in Nigeria. We offer free domain registration of popular top-level domains (tld) like: .COM and a whole lot of others.

Why choose our free domain plan?

Our free domain registration in Nigeria comes with bronze web hosting, starting @ ₦7,000. Usually, a .COM domain in Nigeria cost about ₦4,500 on the average, but not with us. We have taken care of your domain registration, ensuring that you launch your website as easily as possible.

All of our domain registrations comes with great additions such as DNS management, email forwarding and WHOIS privacy.

We are one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria to offer 100% free domain registration and Free hosting as well.

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Enjoy great UNLIMITED Webhosting in Nigeria

A lot of people are beginning to shift to the Unlimited side of life. At Kanesweb, we make that shift possible.

We offer unlimited web hosting by default, to all of our clients. Our unlimited hosting prices are unarguably the cheapest in Nigeria. Space should not be a problem during growth, neither should speed be too!

Is Unlimited web hosting worth it?

Our unlimited webhosting plan ensures that your website gets enough space to accomodate more traffic while you grow with a balanced performance along the growth path. This means your website will not slow down on our turbo server, even as you grow.

As one of the top web hosting companies in Nigeria, we offer the cheapest unlimited hosting, so that online businesses (both small and large) can be free to achieve their full potentials without thinking of bandwidth limitations.

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Get your free domain

We offer free .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .xyz domains with bronze hosting plan and upward

Welcome to KANESWEB Why Choose us ?

Unlimited Webhosting

Host your website in our premium SSD turbo server and enjoy unlimited resources while having great performance for your site.

24/7 Technical Support

Our 24/7 support staff are always on ground to provide assistance through live chat, phone or email. We take Support Seriously

Best Pricing

We provide the cheapest hosting prices you will ever find in Nigeria. If you know anyone who does it cheaper and better, let us know.

Free Domain

We are the only domain registrars in Nigeria that offers free domain to our users. We offer free .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .xyz and more domains names.

Turbo SSD Hosting

Our best web hosting is configured on a dedicated server with huge resources, to give every of our users fast site load speed. We are 3X faster than other Nigerian host.

Unlimited Resources

Our Unlimited web hosting plan comes with unlimited resources as well. Unlimited database, unlimited email, unlimited add-on domain, unlimited sub-domain.

What we doOur Shared Hosting Services

Beginner Hosting



  • Unlimited Disk Space (20GB fair usage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (100GB fair usage)
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 2 Domains
  • 2 Database
  • No free domain

Bronze Hosting



  • Unlimited Disk Space (50GB fair usage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (200GB fair usage)
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 10 Domains
  • 10 Database
  • Free .com, .info, .xyz domain (yearly payment ONLY)
3X faster

Gold Hosting



  • Unlimited Disk Space (1TB fair usage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • Unlimited MySql Database
  • Premium SSD Server
  • Free .com, .net, .org, .info, biz, .xyz domain (yearly payment ONLY)

Fair Usage means that when your website uses up the allocated disk storage and/or bandwidth, the client will be upgraded to the next plan and given 1 week grace period to pay up or be downgraded back. Bandwidth usage resets back to zero at month end.

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Our Selling PointHow We Differ From the Rest

We pride ourselves as the best Web Hosting in Nigeria to offer free domain hosting service. This is because, we believe every great journey begins with a step. Our free domain hosting is not a promo. Seriously! it is free domain for life, with unlimited hosting. We do not only stop at offering free domain names, we also provide SSD Powered Turbo Boost unlimited hosting accounts for those who have need for speed.

99% uptime guarantee

We are always online.

We can confidently say we are 99% of the time online.

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Password: kanesweb

Turbo Boost SSD Server

If you are looking for speed, then you are at the right place. Our Turbo Boost SSD server, ensures that your website is 3X faster! This means higher google ranking for you.

Advanced Reseller Hosting

Our Reseller Hosting package is targeted at those who wants to be up and running in the web hosting business. We provide all the tools you need to scale quickly and be successful.

Website Development

Every great business needs a website. Our 7 years of professional Web Development experience puts us in a position to give you a standard website for your business at a resonable cost.

TestimonialsWhat Our Clients are Saying

Qualities of a good web hosting company

* Good customer care support

Every great web host should have a good customer care support team. Aside selling server space and registering domain names, there is need to provide assistance to clients, whether technical or simply responding to inquiries. At kanesweb hosting, we provide top notch support to our clients.

* Great server uptime

Having an uninterrupted website is the expectation of everyone who intends to pay for hosting space. It is ideal for clients to always have their website running 24/7. We are so confident about our server uptime that we provide link to a real time server monitoring page. Our uptime has a guarantee of 99.9%.

* Affordable pricing

Clients should not have to pay through their nose in order to have their websites hosted or domain registered. We pay great attention to the budgetary needs of our clients. That is why we have very pocket friendly prices for all of our services, starting with 100GB hosting bandwidth going for as low as 3,500 naira per year. Domain names are not left out of our lowly priced products.

How to Spot a Genuine Web host Company

  • Contact details: A good hosting company should have their contact details listed on their website.

  • Live Chat: Most often clients want their questions to be answered immediately. This can only be done through live chat on the site.

  • No hidden charges: A lot of businesses claim to offer prices that are ridiculously low. But at the end, it turns out that there are hidden charges associated with those prices. We don't have hidden charges with our pricing.

  • Policy page: An easily visible policy page makes it possible for prospective clients to know what to expect when they sign up for a product or service.

  • Convenient payment methods: At kanesweb hosting, we offer diverse atm card (debit/credit card) payment methods. This is to provide convenience to our clients when ordering for hosting or domain names.

  • Speed: Slow loading websites is always a turn-off for a lot of visitors. As such, no website owner would want to have their sites hosted on a server with extremely slow speeds. At kanesweb, our servers are super fast, thereby giving you good site load time and improving your users' experience in the process.

Lowest Prices on hosting

99% Server Uptime

24/7/365 customer Support